BlueSYSTEM bundles

For your application our instruments and our software provide a straightforward and efficient solution.

Where are the advantages of the BlueSYSTEM bundle?

For the user: 

  • Easy to choose the optimal instruments for the application, due to clearly defined packages
  • Flexible adaptation to the specific requirements with the help of a streamlined set of options
  • Reliable wireless communication
  • Open and compatible with future WYLER instruments
  • Economical solution

Communication ... fast, easy and reliable!

Until now:



The BlueMETER SIGMA has two functions.

  • As an interface to transmit the measuring data to the PC
  • As a remote display for alignment applications

The wylerCONNECT is our response to master the changing needs and requirements of current and future measuring tasks.


1.The wylerCONNECT is our new interface to the PC

  • integrated license functions
  • measuring instruments will automatically be recognized and can directly be chosen by the user
  • Bluetooth and bluetooth low energy (BLE) - support

2. The BlueMETER SIGMA remains as our remote display for our sensors

Choice of the correct measuring instrument ... as easy as never before!

Until now:


Pre-configured BlueSYSTEM bundles, which can be adapted to the specific application of the customer with the help of a streamlined set of options.


I know the application ... how to find the correct BlueSYSTEM bundle?

The applications of each BlueSYSTEM bundle are clearly visible;  here – as an example – BlueSYSTEM bundle 1 with the wylerSPEC software: 

What is included in a BlueSYSTEM bundle?

Each BlueSYSTEM bundle consists of two instruments from the BlueSYSTEM series with the required options and – if a software is used – the wylerCONNECT interface. Here – as an example – BlueSYSTEM bundle 1 with the wylerSPEC software: