CLINO 2000

The CLINO 2000 is a precision handheld inclination measuring instrument fulfilling the highest standards. The CLINO 2000 is designed as a standalone unit, but it can also be used together with a second instrument for measurements where a reference is required. Furthermore, it can be connected to a PC / laptop via a built-in RS232 interface. The measured primary values are compared to a stored reference curve in the CLINO 2000. This allows a very accurate calculation of the inclination.



This top-level inclinometer with large measuring range brings a great many advantages to the metrologist.


The most important of them are:

  • A highest possible precision over the large measuring range of ±45°, with integrated temperature compensation
  • Effortless zero adjustment by using the integrated software and a reversal measurement
  • Easy calibration due to implemented software guidance and the calibration aids as part of the delivery
  • Large digital display with the advantage to set all commonly used measuring units
  • Built-in possibility to connect an additional instrument for differential measurement or ZEROTRONIC-sensors by using the serial port
  • Rugged housing, rust-protected, with prismatic bases
  • Built-in cross vial for easy alignment of the secondary vertical setting direction in order to eliminate „twist error“
  • State-of-the-art digital technology
  • The instrument is fully compatible with the entire range of WYLER AG digital sensors
  • Powered by standard 1.5V batteries, size AA, rechargeable batteries or with mains adapter
  • Fulfils the strict CE requirements (immunity against electromagnetic smog).
  • As an option, magnetic inserts are available



Due to its own weight a CLINO 2000 with magnetic inserts in the vertical base, we cannot guarantee that the magnets are strong enough to hold the instrument on all type of vertical surfaces. We recommend taking precautions.

The inclination measuring instrument CLINO 2000 is equipped with an integrated calibration set-up for a quick calibration procedure which enables the calibration without complex means. On the backside of the instrument precisely manufactured and placed holes are available for installing the dowel pins as calibration aids. These pins are part of the delivery and can be inserted into the holes. With the quick calibration method the values at + and - 45° as well as the exact zero value can be adjusted. By this procedure the instrument can be set to a sufficiently high precision for most of the applications.For more details see "VIDEO/TUTORIALS".

Calibration Certificate

The CLINO 2000 can be delivered with an internationally recognised Calibration Certificate against a surcharge

CLINO 2000 connected to a PC / RS232 (Cable 065-025-978-04A)

CLINO 2000 connected with ZEROTRONIC-sensor /
max. 15m (Cable 065-XXX-878-001)

Two CLINO 2000 connected to each other; one
instrument used as measuring instrument, the other
as reference instrument (Cable 065-XXXM848-02A)

Quick calibration of the inclination measuring instrument CLINO 2000


Measuring task / Goal:
With simple means the position of a cutting head can easily be checked and adjusted if necessary.


Alternatively to the new adjustment of the tool the table can be inclined and checked.



Measuring task / Goal:
A huge bearing ring is being measured in the frame of the quality assurance scheme on several points in respect of the actual inclination.



Measuring task / Goal:
Check of the adjustment angle of the tool on a large rotating lathe.



Measuring task / Goal:
Periodical checks and adjustment of the wheel mounting, particularly the wheel rake. This check is performed between training laps to optimise the values for the actual race.




Measuring task / Goal:
Some golf courses in England measure the flatness of the „Green“ in a simple way. A special vehicle has been constructed, on which two CLINOTRONIC are mounted in a right angles to each other.


Both are connected to a small printer. The green is checked according to a pre-set pattern and at each measuring point, after a short stop, the inclination angles determined in the two directions are recorded and printed.



Measuring task / Goal:
The taper angle of continuous casting / dies shall be precisely measured and adjusted. Precise results shall be possible in the workshop, while preparing dies, as well as on the casting line where severe conditions are common. Weight to allow easy handling by 1 person.



Measuring task / Goal:
The inclination of the road has to be measured continuously during the placement of the road surface to ensure that the inclination remains within the tolerances. The measurements have to be made by road workers at various temperatures (summer and hot tar) and under difficult light conditions (ranging from very bright to very dark).


Illustration shows WYLER Clinotronic Plus mounted on a device available in USA under “Accu-Slope”, Pat# 8028433



Measuring task / Goal:
Solar panels have to be perfectly adjusted to the sun in order to ensure best possible performance.