Data Logger


To meet the increasing demand for long-term monitoring, WYLER AG offers a data logger specifically adapted to WYLER instruments. High autonomy and integrated Bluetooth and GSM technology allows users to handle even complex monitoring tasks:

  • Long-term monitoring of dams, bridges or buildings:
    • Continuous data collection of various WYLER sensors
    • These measuring values can then be sent once a day to the office via GSM


  • Monitoring of correct inclination of objects:
    • Process-technology
    • Sluices


  • Monitoring of machines:
    • Monitoring of machines running 24h a day
    • Monitoring of machines during commissioning
    • Measuring of errors on a machine


Key features:

  • Low current consumption, allowing long-term monitoring
  • SMS messages e.g. when surpassing alarm limits
  • Wide temperature range from – 40 to + 85 °C
  • Small and robust housing with IP 66
  • The ZEROMATIC cannot be configured with the Datalogger itself. Either a BlueMETER or the  configuration software provided with the ZEROMATIC has to be used.

Possible configuration:

Dam monitoring with data transmission via GSM

Data analysis:

The data logger is supplied with setup and analysis software, which allows an easy setting of all parameters for the data collection as well as the analysis of the data.