Repair Service

WYLER AG has a strong and transparent service philosophy: Our customers should feel that:

“There are no problems with WYLER products, and in the rare case that there is a problem WYLER solves it efficiently and to my full satisfaction.”

We would like to make it as easy as possible for any WYLER customer - wherever in the world he is - to deal with us.

1. Products under warranty

Since January 1, 2007, WYLER AG has absorbed shipping costs to and from Switzerland for products exhibiting errors during the warranty period.

  • WYLER only absorbs the shipping cost, and the cost to import the instrument into Switzerland.
  • Our representatives will absorb the cost of re-importing the instrument into their country. They will be responsible for defining the paperwork to ensure a cost-efficient process considering the local rules and regulations.
  • In countries where WYLER does not have a representative, the cost for re-importing the instrument into the country must be absorbed by the customer
  • The final decision as to whether or not a specific case is a justified warranty issue remains with WYLER

2. Products no longer under warranty

If a product becomes defective after the warranty period, the customer will be required to pay for  shipping. In order to reduce the distance to WYLER, we would like to make sure that a customer  from Asia or South America has the same short distance to WYLER (in terms of shipping costs) as  a European customer, and therefore offer subsidized shipping costs for customers outside of  Europe:

Shipping costs under the cooperation agreement with TNT: (max. amount worldwide):


CLINOTRONIC PLUS CHF   90.- each way
CLINO 2000 CHF 125.- each way
Single instruments (MINILEVEL/ BlueLEVEL) CHF 150.- each way
ENGINEER SET CHF 200.- each way
nivelSWISS CHF 150.- each way

Prices as per November 1st, 2012 (We reserve the right to adjust our prices at all times)

3. Reduced turn-around time for repairs

Many customers are very dependent on their instruments, as they use them daily. They can therefore not do without them for a long period of time. In such cases, WYLER AG, in cooperation with TNT, has implemented an Express Repair Service, called ERS.

Employing this service, the total turn-around time including the transport from and to WYLER can be reduced considerably.

The process looks as follows:

  • The customer announces the repair request to the local WYLER partner in his country
  • The WYLER partner informs the customer about the conditions and advantages of the ERS:
    • reduced turn-around time
    • required acceptance to repair without quote up to 65 % of the price for a new instrument
    • Transportation with TNT
  • Afterward, the customer will receive all information and instructions necessary for smooth handling. The customer only has to pack the product suitably, fill in a form for the TNT courier service, and notify the local TNT office when the item is ready for pick-up. Everything else will run automatically.
  • Products reaching WYLER under this ERS service will be given priority handling, and the instrument will be returned using the same courier service.
  • The invoicing will be through the WYLER partner in your country.