Monitoring SW

Monitoring Software
wylerDYNAM / wylerCHART / LabEXCEL


The software wylerDYNAM allows to calculate and display inclinations, profiles, etc. of static as well as moving objects. wylerDYNAM works with all sensors and measuring devices of the ZEROTRONIC- and of the BlueSYSTEM family. wylerDYNAM samples and analyzes the data of the connected sensors.



The software wylerCHART is an easy-to-use and preconfigured version of the software wylerDYNAM.

SW wylerCHART, which is part of the software wylerDYNAM, will replace the software LabEXCEL. All those functions which our customers appreciate with LabEXCEL are available in wylerCHART as well.


LabEXCEL CLINO is an easy-to-use software package for displaying the measured values of the WYLER inclination measuring instruments Clinotronic PLUS.