Since these new firmware and software are NOT backwards compatible with the old firmware and software, we would like to ask you to read the following information in detail!

New WyBus-Technology

The current software Levelsoft PRO, MT-SOFT and LabEXCEL WyBus, which are available as from May 2009 and can be downloaded from this homepage, are based on the new WyBus-Technology. Instruments of the BlueSYSTEM-familiy, which have been delivered since the same date have already the corresponding firmware installed and are compatible with the new software-generation.

For all other BlueSYSTEM-instruments a firmware-update is required to ensure the full functionality. Please follow the adjoining link.

If you are using an engineers-set of the NT-family with a Levelmeter 2000 and Minilevel NT or Leveltronic NT, you have to enter the serial-number in


After the testing period the user has to buy a valid license in order to continue using it. He then receives a hardware Dongle. The Dongle provides the option to install the same software on several computers and to move the Dongle to the PC on which the software is used.