Communicating water level for measuring the difference in heights


  • The COMMUNICATING WATER LEVEL 77 consists of:

    • Two measuring columns, each 250mm high. Pairs delivered together provide upper surfaces (support for depth micrometer) ground to equal height (0.02mm)
    • 1 depth micrometer (available as an accessory)
    • Connecting hose (length to be defined by the user)

  • The upper rings serving as support for the depth micrometer are finely ground
  • Scale on the column

    • metric: 1mm
    • inches: 1/10 inch

  • Scale on depth micrometer

    • metric: 1 division = 1/100mm
    • inches: 1 division = 1/1000 inch

  • Packed in a wooden storage case


  • The Communicating Water Level 77 is based on the law of communicating vessels and is particularly suitable for measuring the difference in heights of two or more distant points, which are not in direct connection to each other
  • The pin of the micrometer feeler needle is approached to the water surface. Due to the surface tension of the water the liquid will „jump“ to the needle at the moment the pin touches the surface. Thanks to the window slots at the side, the moment of the surface disturbance is very well detectable


  • Height of column without micrometer 250mm
  • eight of Column with micrometer 350mm
  • Foot Ø 100mm


  • Net weight (without case) 5.000 kg
  • Gross weight 7.000 kg
  • Depth micrometer 0.150 kg
  • Hose, 1 m 0.100 kg

Experienced users can adjust 2 or more points to the same level respectively determine their deviation within approx. 0.05mm