Customer Training


In metrology, a number of conditions must be fulfilled in order to achieve a valid measurement. A precision measurement is usually under the influence of a number of different factors, such as:

  • Temperature of the object to be measured and the surroundings
  • Temperature of the measuring instrument
  • Linarity of the measuring instrument
  • Vibrations
  • Skills of the operator
  • Cleanliness of the instrument and the object: dirt, dust, humidity, etc.
  • Condition and accuracy of the measuring instrument and the measuring equipment, etc.

The sum of these factors is generally called measuring uncertainty.

The measuring uncertainty to be assigned to a measuring value is an unavoidable result of every measurement. It plays an important role when a measuring value is close to a predefined limit value. A well-sustained uncertainty analysis is a sign of professionalism in metrology.

To assure our customers that their measurements are accurate, WYLER  SWITZERLAND offers product training sessions together with their worldwide distribution partners. Such trainings are held in the seminar rooms of our distribution partners, on-site with the customers or in the Trainig Center at WYLER AG in Winterthur. At this point we take the liberty to  remind you that measuring instruments should be checked periodically. For this purpose, WYLER  SWITZERLAND offers a MAINTENANCE CONTRACT for your measuring instruments.




  • Correct application of the measuring instruments and the respective software.
  • Getting used to the various measuring methods, such as
    • straightness of lines
    • flatness of surfaces
    • measuring geometrical features of machine tools
    • survey of measuring objects


In case you are interested in a product training, please do not hesitate to contact your local distribution partner or WYLER SWITZERLAND directly.