Clinotronic S

Clinotronic S is a precise instrument with wireless data transmission to measure inclinations of ±45 degrees.

Clinotronic S is building on the success of the Clinotronic PLUS. It keeps those features of the Clinotronic PLUS, which made it famous, like its reliability and multi-purpose capabilities - and adds latest technology to it:

  • Wireless functionality 
  • Excellent display with low power consumption
  • User friendly
  • Adjusted to local gravity
  • Increased accuracy

Wireless functionality


Clinotronic S can be connected to an Android™ or iOS™ device, which can then be used as remote display. This new feature makes the instrument much more versatile and opens new applications.

Furthermore each Clinotronic S is supplied with the wylerCONNECT MINI, a Bluetooth® USB-communication module.

The wylerCONNECT MINI allows to send data from the Clinotronic S units to a laptop. This ensures a more efficient adjustment of machines.

Data transmission via cable

It goes without saying that data transmission via the USB cable to a laptop is possible as well. 

Excellent display 

The large color display with low power consumption is backlit and has a high contrast. It therefore provides excellent readability even under adverse conditions like a workshop or under a machine.

User friendly 

The completely redesigned Man-Machine-Interface allows a very intuitive handling.

Adjusted to local gravity 

To ensure best possible accuracy the Clinotronic S can be adjusted to local gravity.


The following software products can be used to collect data from a Clinotronic S in a laptop:
Continious measurement / monitoring

  • wylerCHART and wylerDYNAM.



Simple software to insert single values directly into e.g. EXCEL 

  • wylerINSERT



Calibration Certificate:


The CLINOTRONIC S can be delivered with an internationally recognised Calibration Certificate against a surcharge

Two options of the Clinotronic S with magnetic inserts or
threaded holes M3 in all sides:


Automotive industry


Correct and precise adjustment of the wheel camber of a car is not only a question of safety, but is very crucial for racecars to win.


The remote display facilitates the measurement of the values while adjusting the suspension.

Communication industry


A good internet and phone network requires a reliable network of antennas.


Clinotronic S makes adjusting antennas very easy. The remote display supports the measurement.

Automotive industry


Correct adjustment of front lights of a car during certification tests.


The accuracy of the Clinotronic S makes the testing very efficient.

Civil engineering


Correct adjustment of the camber of highways is crucial to ensure that heavy rainwater is draining off fast which again is crucial for traffic safety.


Clinotronic S is perfectly suited for this application. The backlit display together with the remote display ensure an efficient work process even at dawn.

Aerospace industry


Clinotronic S is used worldwide to check and adjust flaps and other control elements on airplanes.

Medical industry


Clinotronic S is used in hospitals and radiology clinics to ensure correct adjustment of the patients table to the axis of the radiation head.

Solar Energy


Optimal adjustment of solar panels.


Clinotronic S is used to adjust and check solar panels in solar power stations to ensure best possible efficiency  of the power station.

Machine industry


Adjustment of parts of a machine; e.g. the angle of a grinding head.


The remote display facilitates the adjustment.