Monitoring long term

Long-Term Monitoring of Dams, Bridges or Buildings


In line with increasing requirements regarding safety, the necessity to monitor (temporarily or permanently) buildings, bridges, landslides, dams or tunnels is increasing as well. Thanks to their high accuracy and stability WYLER inclination sensors are very well suited for these tasks. In order to visualize changes of such objects, measuring data have not only to be acquired, but also to be transmitted, to be analyzed an


Which system is best suited for my application?


For those cases where the focus is on data acquisition of inclination sensors only, with off-line data analysis, e.g. with EXCEL, very often a datalogger is perfectly suited. There are 2 dataloggers which are suited for m

  • The DataLogger of WYLER AG, which is easy to use due to its simple parameterization 
  • The DataTaker®, a very flexible datalogger, since it is freely programmable. Consequently it requires a substantial programming effort for each project. 
  • For more complex applications one of the many Geo-Monitoring Systems available on the Market can be used. Many of these systems already have established interfaces to WYLER sensors or such interfaces can easily be programmed. Such systems are very well suited for short- or long-term monitoring of objects when several parameters have to be automatically registered, analyzed and graphically visualized.


Discuss your monitoring task with your local WYLER representative to define the solution best suited for your task.

Data Logger

Specifically adapted to WYLER Sensors. Easy to use thanks to its simple parameterization



Flexible datalogger; freely programmable


Geo-Monitoring Systems

For more complex applications.