wylerINSERT is an easy to use yet powerful tool to read inclination values from WYLER BlueSystem  devices and insert them into any program at the current position of the cursor just like the values were typed in. It can be configured that it adds a key stroke like {TAB}, {ENTER} or a combination of after each inserted value. This way it is possible to position the cursor to the next insert position.


As soon as the measurement starts wylerINSERT collapses to free the input to the desired application like Excel or Word. To stop measurement doubleclick on the wylerINSERT icon in the system tray at the lower right corner. The dialog comes up to front and the measurement can be stopped.


wylerINSERT works with WYLER BlueSystem devices using a IR trigger (zapper) only.


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After the testing period the user has to buy a valid licence in order to continue to use it. He then receives either a validation key for one specific PC or (against a surcharge) a Hardware Dongle. The Dongle provides the option to install the same software on several computers and to move the Dongle to the PC on which the software is used.