Inclination measuring sensors

Besides standard handheld inclination measuring instruments, more and more high-precision inclination sensors are being required in order to measure machine geometry, or for long-term monitoring of structures such as dams and bridges.


The inclination measuring sensors of the ZEROTRONIC and ZEROMATIC families have established themselves in the market as the benchmark when it comes to high-precision inclination measurement in demanding applications. They stand out due to their precision, robustness, as well as their stability even in rough environments. The digital design allows not only an excellent compensation of temperature changes, but also an error-free transmission of measurement values over long distances. 


High precision and robust digital inclination sensor (uniaxial) for indoor and outdoor applications.                                                                                                                                                                            

Measuring Range + Sensitivity

±0.5 … ±60°

0.1 … 54 arcsec


High precision and robust digital two-dimensional inclination measurement sensor with automatic reversal measurement.

Measuring Range + Sensitivity


0.2 ... 0.9 arcsec