In line with increasing requirements regarding safety, the necessity to monitor (temporarily or permanently) buildings, bridges, landslides, dams or tunnels is increasing as well. Thanks to their high accuracy and stability WYLER inclination sensors are very well suited for these tasks. In order to visualize changes of such objects, measuring data have not only to be acquired, but also to be transmitted, to be analyzed and to be presented.

Datalogger specifically adapted to WYLER sensors

To meet the increasing demand for long-term monitoring, WYLER AG offers a data logger specifically adapted to WYLER sensors. High autonomy with integrated Bluetooth technology allows users to handle monitoring tasks: 


Long-term monitoring of dams, bridges or buildings: 

  • Continuous data collection of WYLER sensors 
  • These measuring values can then be collected via Bluetooth 

Monitoring of correct inclination of objects: 

  • Process-technology
  • Sluices 

Monitoring of machines: 

  • Monitoring of machines running 24h a day 
  • Monitoring of machines during commissioning 
  • Measuring of errors on a machine

Key features: 

  • Low current consumption, allowing long-term monitoring 
  • Wide temperature range from – 40 to + 85 °C 
  • Small and robust housing with IP 66 

The ZEROMATIC cannot be configured with the Datalogger itself. Either a BlueMETER SIGMA or the configuration software provided with the ZEROMATIC has to be used


Data analysis: 

The data logger is supplied with setup and analysis software, which allows an easy setting of all parameters for the data collection as well as the analysis of the data.