Winterthur City

The city of WINTERTHUR

Winterthur is with approx. 100'000 inhabitants the second largest city in the canton of Zurich. It is the 6th largest city in Switzerland. Originally a typical industrial city is unique in it’s art. It is located in a plane surrounded by rolling hills with lots of forests and other natural areas still preserved.


The development of the city towards a industrial and trading city started around 1800 with a lot of industrial oriented companies in the area of general precision machine building and textile machine manufacturing have taken their domicile in Winterthur.


The crisis in the textile industry and the successful development of the electronics industry have changed the looks of the city. Today mainly high tech companies and the well known insurance company are accounted for the spreading of the name of Winterthur all over the world. Winterthur has developed into a attractive middle size town with a great variety of possibilities for increased quality of life.


Art and culture

Winterthur has an excellent reputation in the field of art and culture. Originally in the hands of private collectors but now open to the public are a number of highly reputed art museums and galleries.


Due to the number and quality of museums Winterthur has grown into a internationally known city for art. Special collection of the art of the 19th and 20th century are to discover as well as e.g. the only museum of photographs in the German speaking part of Switzerland as well as the technical museum „Technorama“.


Especially to name is the museum „Collection Oskar Reinhart“ or the Oskar Reinhard trust museum, both show worldwide unique paintings of great artists.


The name Winterthur originated from the roman city of „Vitudurum“. The people of Kyburg founded the city which received the so called right of city by the „Habsburgians“ in 1264. In 1467 the city was financially broken and taken over by the large city Zurich until the Year 1798. Beginning of 1830 the city began to flourish followed by the industrialization of the region.Great activities have taken place in the canton of Zurich and on the federal level after the foundation of the Swiss Confederation in the Year 1848. The democratic movement for peoples rights and the newly created constitution were greatly influenced by Winterthur.

Today’s Winterthur was established in 1922 when some of the surrounding independent villages such as Oberwinterthur, Seen, Töss, Wülflingen and Veltheim were incorporated to the city of Winterthur.

International Airport of Zurich

The international Airport of Zurich can easily be reached by direct trains from Winterthur or by car in 15 minutes. From the airport Zurich more than 150 international cities have daily connections.Because Winterthur lays at one of the mayor train lines in Switzerland more than 100 Eurocity- Intercity and other Rapid trains stop daily at the main station with good connections to all mayor Swiss cities or to the main cities in the surrounding countries.. (Swiss Rail)

Four highway exits make the access easy by car from the main east-west road crossing Switzerland.