Sustainability & Responsibility


As a modern company, we pursue a responsible environmental policy.

(including the planned ISO 14001 certification)


WYLER AG is actively involved in protecting the environment, and has set itself the goal of minimizing or completely eliminating any environmental impacts resulting from its business activities. Moreover, the company strives to use environmentally friendly materials on site. This is the only way that continuous development can be ensured.


We assume environmental responsibility for all our products, services, and other operational activities, as well as for our suppliers and services providers insofar as they relate to our business activities.


We have assessed the context of our company and have identified the resulting requirements upon the nature and complexity of our environmental management system (EMS). This results in objectives that are measurable and thus structured in a quantifiable manner. We are aware of the significance of EMS and set the highest standards in this area. The requirements of the environmental management system are integrated effectively in all our business processes. We deploy the requisite human and financial resources in order to maintain the EMS, and are committed to ensuring that EMS can be effective in achieving the results we are aiming for. Senior management will work to ensure that effective support is provided to those management and staff members who are responsible for contributing to the effectiveness of EMS.


We foster open dialogue regarding environmental protection issues, and strive to stimulate and increase levels of environmental awareness among our employees, suppliers, and customers. The environmental policy, its objectives, and the environmental program are applicable throughout the company.


Reasons for employing EMS (ISO 14001) at our company:

  • Improvement in understanding processes and the state of the organization
  • Improvement of the ability to demonstrate proper operation in the case of environmental accidents
  • Market positioning, competitive advantages
  • Increasing employee motivation and satisfaction
  • Improvement in relationships with authorities and local residents
  • Building trust with customers
  • Replying to inquiries from stakeholders
  • Ensuring good relations with the public
  • Reducing occurrences carrying liability consequences
  • Improving image and indirectly increasing market share
  • Demonstration of reasonable foresight
  • Fostering development and disseminating solutions to environmental problems
  • Ensuring continuous development in environmental protection, including energy impacts
  • We are committed to adhering to all legal and regulatory requirements


ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) sustainability is the future for us all, for our environment, and for our society.





WYLER AG is committed to fully complying with ethical principles and to employing anti-corruption measures in all its business activities. We strive to promote a corporate culture of integrity and transparency in order to retain the trust of our customers, employees, and business partners, and to protect our good reputation.


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Responsibility Policy of WYLER AG