The LED-Cross is a 2-D LED display unit for WYLER ZEROTRONIC sensors

Together with two ZEROTRONIC sensors, the LED-Cross is perfectly suited to optically display the position of an object in space. One sensor is mounted in the X direction on the object, and the other one in the Y direction. This substantially facilitates the precise horizontal adjustment of the object. 

Typical applications are:

  • Supervision of a crane for goods that are sensitive to inclinations
  • Optical aid for alignment of objects, or for the hydraulic levelling of a platform
  • Monitoring of working platforms: preventing the platform from tilting thanks to programmable alarm thresholds

The instrument has the following features:

  • Inputs for two ZEROTRONIC sensors; typically sensors with a measuring range of ±10° are used
  • Resolution of 10 LED per direction (20 LED per axis). 
  • Logarithmic resolution allows very precise reading around zero
  • Threshold points can be set
  • Alarm outputs are programmable with logical functions, and are provided as open-collector outputs
  • Software to program all thresholds and outputs is delivered with the unit
  • The functionality of the unit and the cables are monitored and can be assigned to one of the alarm outputs. 
  • The unit is designed for panel-mounting



The payload fairing covers the goods transported and provides aerodynamic to the leading end of the rocket. As the payload fairing is a highly complex unit, no scratches or even dents are acceptable. To lift and to position the payload fairing a cradle is used. 


Measuring task:

The balancing and weight distribution cross at the head of the cradle should be monitored in both axes. Deviation from horizontal alignment must be visualized at the cranes control panel.

Thresholds are defined regarding misalignment. Overshooting these limits must activate an alarm and disrupt the lifting actions. 

Software "Configurator LED-CROSS" / LATEST VERSION:

Download Configurator LED-Cross (.zip)